About Us

Who are we and why are we selling stuff?

10 minutes from Hell (10mfh) is a website that has been on the internet for over 10 years. We have written all sorts of articles, reviews, created memes, made a font, we have a podcast and we just generally create weird things for others to enjoy. 

Yes, I am a nerd.

So why are you now selling stuff? Well, the answer is simple and twofold.

One – I love action figures and in particular Marvel Legends. I have been collecting them since the very beginning with Toy Biz. It’s a great figure series and I have enjoyed both the Toy Biz and Hasbro versions of the line. 

Two – My (Doug) collection has just become too large. Some of these figures and things for sale are from my personal collection. I love the toys, but space sometimes just runs out and things have to be sold. 

So browse, enjoy and buy!